Carefully crafted in-house

Momentum will function in English, French, Spanish, Portugese and Estonian depending on your NationBuilder site language settings. Smartly designed with best practices baked-in to encourage maximum engagement. Beautifully polished from mobile to desktop to make your organization or movement look sharp.

Theme highlights include:

  • Forms, activity and other theme elements automatically display in the language specified within your site language settings

  • 4 default color variations included, and quickly create new custom color schemes based on a single color Hex code

  • Top navigation gracefully and automatically overflows into a “More” dropdown

  • Images uploaded to petition, endorsement, suggestion box or profile pages can be cropped

  • Event page formatting supports virtual events

  • Elegant floating share functionality copies page URL (including recruiter ID) with a click, or shares to email, Facebook and Twitter

  • Strong focus on accessibility

  • More easily spot form errors with inline error messages

  • Quickly customize whether to format an action page into two columns with the form aligned to the top, or in a single column with the form beneath content

You can select Momentum as your website theme now by navigating to Website > Theme > Stock theme and clicking on the Momentum thumbnail. Read the Momentum theme documentation.

Creating your own custom theme?

The design files we used to create Momentum are available to all. Simply duplicate Momentum in Figma and make your own creation. The file includes each page type layout and page element neatly organized as components, providing a head start for anyone interested in designing their own custom theme.


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